When you’re in the earliest stages of managing your cybersecurity risks, we work together on a detailed plan.

Key Control & Policy Audit

How does my security plan measure up?

We evaluate your risk profile against 17 key controls that follow a nationally recognized standard of protection:
How your member records are secured
Your network segmentation
Database encryption
Imaging system integrity
Self-service application configuration
Your Pension Application System (PAS) technology
Security of PAS integration points
Cloud computing exposure and counter measures
Penetration test

Where are my network vulnerabilities?

With comprehensive penetration testing, we examine external and internal access points to identify configuration vulnerabilities on your network.
How an attacker might attempt an attack:
Code Review

Where are my software weaknesses?

Our code review is designed to identify weakness in your application software architecture that would allow an attacker to gain access to privileged information. We review possible weakness areas:
Cross-site scripting
SQL injection
OS command injection
Improper authentication & access control
Cross-site request forgery
Improper error handling
Encryption issues
Open readiness
Cybersecurity Roadmap
Cybersecurity Solution Design