We work together on a risk management strategy to protect your funds from cyberattacks.

How does my security plan measure up?

Cross-referencing your business needs with our comprehensive security framework, we determine what risks are relevant to your organization.
Build consensus around regulatory compliance and fiduciary obligations
Set importance and vulnerability levels for key controls
Create a detailed cybersecurity governance plan
Create an implementation plan, including budget, schedule, and resources

Pension Data Protection Plan

The crux of cybersecurity is protecting privileged information. This data is stored, used and shared across systems and processes. Protecting data at rest, in transit, and in use during each step is key.
Where is your data stored?
On Paper
Image Capture & Storage
Pension Administration Systems
Employer Reporting
Member Self-Service
Actuarial Valuations
Financial Audit
Open Enrollment
Trustee Election

Building Capabilities & Managing Execution

In this phase we oversee strategy implementation. This includes:
Incident response plan development
Technology selection
Playbook development and testing
Third-party risk mitigation
Cyber insurance selection
Mitigation project management
Post-response strategy assessment and improvement
Risk Assessment
Cybersecurity Solution Design