Safeguard your organization from evolving threats—with us.

Linea Secure sets the standard in pension protection, offering intelligent cybersecurity defense strategies to prepare your organization for the evolving threat landscape.

Your data is in demand and you are the stewards of your pension fund

Pension schemes hold records of highly sensitive personal data like identity information, health records and financial details. In some cases, this data identifies individual members, or beneficiaries of a deceased member who have been paid significant lump sums.
The consequences of a breach can be devastating. Your ability to actively protect this information and respond quickly in the event of a breach should be a key concern for your organization.

Why Linea? We know pensions and we know security

Linea Secure is acutely aware of all facets that affect security in the pension industry. We know the business processes. We know common vulnerabilities in those business processes. 

We know the software being used by funds, and we know the best safety measures to take for each solution. We know the landscape. We’ve seen what other funds are doing, we’ve seen what works well (and what doesn’t), and we can apply what we’ve seen to funds in need of better security.

How We Work With You

Cyber security threats come in all shapes and sizes and every organization is at risk. Our dedicated team works with you to identify vulnerabilities and anticipate breaches before they occur.

Our Approach

Cyber Readiness

It’s critical for every organization to identify its most sensitive and valuable data, and to devise strategies to best protect it. Together, we create a custom plan that best protects your organization.

Cyber Maturity

After we identify gaps and vulnerabilities, we work with you to make the right investments and assist with restructuring to best protect your members.

Cyber Resilience

At this stage of maturity, we create a blended culture of prevention and response readiness. We support you with continuous monitoring and improvement to meet evolving threats.

Are you keeping your members’ data safe?

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