What We Do

Linea Secure offers strategic cybersecurity solutions to better prepare your organization for the evolving threat landscape.

Access Control

We examine how access to your information systems are limited, how authorized users and processes are determined, and what types of transactions are performed.

Incident Response

We review your organization’s ability to manage and recover from an incident, including: incident detection, analysis, containment, recovery, and reporting.

Audit & Accountability

We explore your ability to capture and maintain systems logs to see if forensics can be performed to monitor and investigate unauthorized or inappropriate access.


We assess your cybersecurity plan for completeness including the security controls specified and the rules of behavior for individuals accessing the system.

Configuration Management

We assess your organization’s ability to baseline and manage changes. We review information systems to determine if controls are necessary to prevent unauthorized changes, and to what extent key stakeholders are informed of changes.

Personnel Security

We examine controls in place to ensure that individuals occupying positions of responsibility within your organization are trustworthy; this includes staff and third-party providers.

Contingency Planning

We help you plan for a failure, which can happen anytime. We work with you to examine and improve emergency response plans, backup and recovery procedures, and storage options.

Security Assessments

We review procedures that authorize the operation of your systems to determine their effectiveness. These controls should be designed to prevent deficiencies and reduce vulnerabilities before a system is placed in operation.

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