Linea Secure Published in ACPM

Linea Secure is proud to have an article recently featured by the Association of Canadian Pension Management (ACPM) in The Observer, their “Industry Insider” newsletter. Linea Secure published this article to raise awareness among ACPM members around the risks related to Cybersecurity for Canadian pension systems. ACPM is the leading advocate for Canadian plan sponsors and administrators, representing over 400 organizations and retirement income plans that cover millions of plan members.   

The article, written by Linea Secure’s president, Peter Dewar, addresses the ever-increasing challenge of Pension Organizations in understanding the impact cybersecurity can have on their fiduciary responsibility, a concept Peter introduces as “Cyberinsecurity.” Peter lays out a comprehensive approach to tackling this complex issue. Despite Cyberinsecurity being a complicated and daunting issue, this guide helps dissect the many components of this issue into understandable concepts. The solutions to the threats of Cybersecurity vary greatly from company to company, but there are some key questions which every company should be asking themselves. Continue reading this article (English) to learn more (or read the French version here).

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